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Larry London is an American singer native from Nashville music City. He grew up in a musical family and showed his musical talent very early in his youth. 
Among other things, he played trumpet in the school band and also sang in the Gospel Baptist Church. 
Larry's roots came from Gospel and later R&B and Soul.
At the age of thirteen he showed a talent for writing songs, which led to interest from Nashville publishers.
After completing his military service in Germany, Larry stayed in Germany due to a recording contract with Sony.
He started his own soul band "Total Power" in 1974, which was renamed "Cosmic Sound Orchestra" in 1978. 
Before the renaming to Cosmic Sound Orchestra, Larry met Rod Temperton the keyboard player from the band Heatwaves. Later Rod Temperton wrote the world hit of Michael Jackson "Thriller" and for the band Heatwaves "Boogie nights". And also hits for Aretha Franklin and George Benson.

Rod had a great influence on Larry's further songwriting.
The Afro-Funk album of "The Cosmic Sound Orchestra", produced by Peter Hauke (Supermax), was - although only released in Germany - on the most wanted lists worldwide.
Peter Hauke was also the producer of Peter Maffay and Supermax, among others.
In German and American clubs Larry performed live and as a support act with top American and English soul bands such as Chi Lights from Chicago, Rufus Thomas from Memphis Tenn., Bloodstone, The Stylistics, The Manhattans, Drifters, Dramatics, Grace Jones.
With the agencies Lippmann & Rau and Mamas Concerts, Larry went on major tours in Europe with George Mc Cray (Rock your Baby), Huge Corporation (don't rock the boat), Carl Douglas (Kung Fu Fighting).
As well, Larry appeared on television shows such as; Musikladen, Extratour and the Rock Pop Music Hall,.

Larry played with national and international artists live on tour with Kurt Hauenstein of Supermax and in the studio with Falco.
Under the name London Aircraaft Larry produced an LP which was released by Ariola Germany.  From this LP 3 songs were chosen as soundtrack for the movie "Bravo Breakdance Experts" which was shown in Germany, Austria and in Swiss cinemas.
With London Aircraaft Larry landed with 3 songs in the German charts and with 3 songs in the DDO Hitparade.
Larry loves American Soul music which always comes first for him and played with cover bands like Soul Express and Joker.
Larry has sung a lot for commercials including Levis, Marlboro, Fanta and had the chance to sing the song for Onko Coffee commercials.
Frank Farian produced the Onko Coffee song "two of us" and successfully launched the single. 
In 2023 / 2024 Larry London is back with "London Aircraaft" and a new release of Love Machine.

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