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Press release from: Management London Aircraaft

Love Machine Part I & II (Remix 2023/2024)

The comeback of the chart-topping single Love Machine Remix by London Aircraaft is presented in two versions, Part I (Single) & Part II (Extended Version).
Larry London is best known for Kurt Hauenstein "Supermax."
Since the beginning of Larry's band "London Aircraaft" in 1983, success came in 1984 and 1985 with two songs from the movie Bravo Brake Dance. In 1985 with the chart-topping single from Love Machine, produced by Kurt Hauenstein, who had the original single with the group Supermax.
The live band "London Aircraaft" play soul classics, original songs and sound different from any other soul band. Not only in the studio they make good music, no, live the band goes one step further.

Great soul music can't be put into one category. It is as individual as Larry London presents his music.
Now Larry London from Frankfurt am Main is back with his great eight-piece live band "London Aircraaft" with Soul, R&B and Funk music.

Listen to us: on October 31, 2023 our release is ready.

We are looking forward to you!

Press contact:

Management London Aircraaft
Karin Richtberg
Kapellenstraße 79
76698 Ubstadt-Weiher

Fon: 0172 2434906

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